Top 6 Social Media Tools for Brand Marketing and Management

As social media consumers regularly evolve, brands need to connect with them. Therefore, brands have to embrace social media tools to avoid losing customers and being publicly shamed. It also empowers brands by identifying influencers, monitoring competitors, creating engaging content, trendspotting, and preserving reputation.

Social media tools can enhance or limit a brand’s capabilities. With many tools for brands to choose from, one should consider these before deciding which tool to use; Does it integrate easily with other tools? Is it more destructive than informative? In addition, one should check if the tool covers:

  • Content arrangement and management
  • Creating influencer marketing collaborations
  • Track of media mentions
  • Up to date advertising understanding
  • Online activities managements by employee advocates
  • Brand-related activity benchmark creation web-wide
  • Communicating and understanding ROI

Here is a list of top social media tools for any brand’s work and efforts.


It is a market and consumer intelligence platform that delivers background insights that disclose business trends, understand the brand’s competitors and the market, and connect with consumers. It aims to protect the brand’s health, boost campaign performance and improve crisis management.

NetbaseQuid source list includes news articles, forums, product reviews, blogs, social media, patent applications, business profiles, the voice of the customer, and consumer reviews. It also integrates brands’ customer relationship management. Brands bring their data and are analyzed using their next-generation AI.

NetbaseQuid provides intel that meets brands’ needs like health and perception, cultural and market trends, competitive and market intelligence, risk, and M&A analysis and product innovation and research. With its accurate and transparent intel, brand leaders get insights via social monitoring, social listening, competitive analysis, influencer identification, and image analysis.

2. Kicksta

Kicksta helps Instagram influencers and brands to attract and get more followers. It targets similar account followers, like their posts, and waits for them to check up on you and follow back. It is suitable for small brands with expensive budgets for social media tools or brands lacking enough time to gain followers manually.

Kicksta builds brands’ following quickly, putting brands on the radar of gaining more followers. It also increases sales and opportunities in paid partnerships.

3. Audience

To speak personally to social consumers is a great effort and the best way to do that is through audience segmentation. Grouping consumers by interests and appealing to them with distinctive messaging is a crucial social media marketing strategy. Getting a tool that can manage all these is huge. The audience identifies and breaks down those interests enabling brand leaders to know about the people who like their brands and their competitors.

4. Narrow

Narrow helps Twitter’s primary users attract and understand the appropriate audience. It interacts with Twitter users on brands’ behalf about subjects concerning the target audience. Narrow is solid for brands’ Twitter management among the numerous social media tools since it uses locations, hashtags, and keywords to boost following. It also helps brand leaders track keyword performance to know what’s working.

5. Yotpo

Yotpo is a sentiment analysis tool, something many social media tools miss. Brands know their ranks against their competitors on attributes like price, size, and service. They also know how consumers think and feel about the same qualities too.

6. Storyheap

For brands that use Instagram and Snapchat as marketing platforms, with Storyheap, you are good to go. Storytelling is also a key marketing strategy, and Storyheap shows how your stories are doing on social media platforms. It tracks the number of opens, screenshots gained followers’ growth, and completed views.

Choosing appropriate tools can be intimidating, especially for small brands. To start, you can select one that manages more than one area, like NetbaseQuid.

Author: admin1